More DA OC art corner: Elven Prostitutes run your life
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A long long time ago (maybe like 4-5 years ago I literally don’t remember) my bro ran a dc based super hero d&d campaign with his friends and let me join in every once in a while. The game was on and off for years so I only was in a few sessions, but I made a Blue Lantern to offset the Green Lantern my bro was playing. I don’t completely remember how it went but I’m pretty sure my brothers character ended up in the Red Lantern corp and killed Emma gugugu. Since then I’ve randomly RP’d her in a different setting with another friend of mine but it’s been over a year and I really missed Emma

'That was the last time I saw him…'

My half of an art trade with the lovely Richotte! She wanted Iwaizumi and Oikawa in their depressingly glorious NGE AU selves. Iwachans gunna die…

"No one’s ever going to pay attention to you if you keep that frown on your face!"
"Will you shut up and take this seriously for once!?"

Taka asked for Iwaoi and I make myself finish it
Sugawara is the best character

"… I have to steal to live. I’m an orphan."
“I’m Matthew, a specialist in acquisitions of all kinds. Would you like to buy my services?”
“I’m a handy guy to have around. I know I can help you out.”

Happy Nagamas to godofsuffering!! I was your secret Santa this year! I heard you liked thieves and thieves are really cool so I hope you enjoy this! ; v ; sorry this is coming in right before the New Year
Will I ever finish this
I swear I update this every once in a while